Hair Trends for Women in 2016

For the 2016 year, hair stylists and hair salons across the country agree that the year is about “celebration of the individual”. What this effectively means is that hair stylists are ditching their arsenals of creams, texture mists, hairsprays, and mousses in favor of natural texture. If you have been looking for an excuse to ditch your styling tools and get a haircut that embraces your natural texture, this is your year!

Another defining element of the trend towards individuality is simplicity. Haircuts and hair styles are being designed with the idea that a real woman could recreate the look at home. Simple, yet whimsical, twists are becoming the embodiment of this ideal. Twists with varying degrees of distress have dominated the fashion runways, but the one factor they all have in common is that they are nape level. Low buns are officially in. Top knots are out. 

Bangs are also coming back in a big way, particularly fake bangs. Bangs can be used to change up your whole look, but for women who don’t want to make the full commitment, “bang wigs” offer the perfect solution. These faux fringes can be swept softly to the side for a romantic look, or straight down for an “adorkable” effect – a la Zoey Deschanel. 

Finally, braids are also mounting a comeback, but with a new look. Gone are the romantic, Bohemian braids that have dominated the festival and fashion circuits for the last several years. Now, hair stylists are opting for functional, streamlined, and tight braids. Easy to do yourself, these braids can be used to add texture to an otherwise simple hairstyle. 

To learn more about the latest in haircuts and hair care, look to the professionals at Edwin Paul Salon. The New Year is almost here, so why not create a new you to start it off on the right foot? Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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