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Edwin Paul Salon Is Your #1 Source For Mens Hair Salon Products & Services Near Grosse Pointe Woods MI

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Here at Edwin Paul Salon, we specialize in providing mens hair salon products & services to the greater Grosse Pointe Woods MI area.

Our clientele come first, and we pride ourselves on our top of the line products, hair care, hair designs, and more. When you first step into our salon you'll see decor from all around the world, and fine works of art that are perfectly balanced with our atmosphere. Enjoy fine wine and food from around the world, prepared by famous chefs! All provided by Merchant's Fine Wines of Gross Pointe Woods.

Edwin Paul Salon is the only salon throughout Michigan that requires all new stylists to commit to and complete 4000 hours of training. This is more than required by the state (1500 hours).

Kerastase, Oribe, and Other Hair Salon Products Offered Near Grosse Pointe Woods MI

Grosse Pointe Woods MI 's Top Provider Of Mens Hair Salon Products & Services - Edwin Paul Salon - logo-kerastase

Edwin Paul Professional Hair Care Products are rich salon formulas based on natural botanical ingredients and nutrients that your hair needs and will deeply enjoy. That is why once you have used our products, you will continue to use them and compare all other products' performance by how well they stand up to these select formulas. Each of our products has been salon tested by industry professionals who know what their demanding clientle want and need in hair care products. Our ingredients, fragrances, and performance have been perfected with over 10 years of intense research. We make this exceptional product line available to you with our commitment to quality and performance.

Hair Salon Products Offered Grosse Pointe Woods MI

All of our products are based on natural botanical ingredients & nutrients.

Moisture Shampoo: $16.95

This shampoo is Sulfate and Paraben-free, which makes this formula best suited for color-treated or chemically treated hair. It has a nourishing, moisturizing effect which is also highly effective at preventing heat damage. This shampoo works into a gentle lather, eliminating any damage caused during the washing process. Leaves your hair smelling of mild passion fruit.

Deep Daily Conditioner: $18.95

If you've ever felt that your hair needed a "pick-me-up," then Deep Daily Conditioner is what you've been waiting for. This uses different sizes and weights of proteins that penetrate deep into the hair to revitalize stressed hair and revamp tired locks. In other words, this conditioner knows exactly what your hair needs, including nineteen amino acids and fourteen separate vitamins essential to your hair's general nutrition. The rich scent of vanilla bean is a luxurious bonus.

Gel Mousse: $19.95

Most foam mousses are drying, but to put a mousse in the form of a gel means that rich conditioners are included. Natural botanicals like awapuhi and aloe vera give your hair luxurious volume, body and shine. This unique product is light enough to never weigh hair down.

Smoothing Serum: $14.95

Smoothing serum is like no other product. It transforms and smoothens any hair texture. Enriched with alba seed oil, it makes curly hair smooth and supple. Straight hair becomes brilliant, sleek and full of shine. This serum is also paraben-free.

Peppermint Shampoo: $16.95

Deep-cleansing, sulfate-free shampoo. It removes product buildup, hard water deposits, and environmental impurities without stripping color. Tea tree oil helps to breakdown excess oils on your scalp. This gentle formula detoxifies hair, restoring the natural radiance and shine of salon color without depriving hair of moisture.

For the best salon throughout Grosse Pointe Woods MI, or for the widest selection of mens hair salon products & services - choose Edwin Paul Salon! Book your appointment today and see why many others have found Edwin Paul to be their next favorite salon! We proudly serve the greater Grosse Pointe Woods area.

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